Adult Small Groups

See how your story connects with God’s story and the story of others by being in a small group! There is always room for you in a small group!  Our small groups commit themselves to the concept of the empty chair - praying and welcoming new members is part of our mission and ministry.


Our small group ministry is committed to deepening our knowledge of Christ and our fellowship with one another.  We seek to be iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17).  Each group gathers to share part of their lives (usually with a snack!), explore our faith with a study, and praying for one another.  Some groups take on service projects - one group repainted the nursery and one group consistently serves in our food bank - and others make sure to spend extra time in fellowship over potluck lunches and day trips.


We have small groups that meet twice a month on Monday evenings,Tuesday evenings, Wednesday evenings,Thursday afternoons, and Thursday evenings. Small groups meet at the church or at a leader’s home in Linden.


If you are interested in joining a small group, please fill out a card during worship or contact the office at 810.735.5755 or email.


Answering the Call: Small Groups

by Gretchen Sutto


God can do some pretty amazing things when we step up and answer His calling. I’ve always been a fairly quiet person, proudly living by St. Francis of Assisi’s words, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words.” This has been my comfort zone – living out my faith so others may see it. And it had served me well for years, until God decided it was time to end my complacency.


About a year and a half ago, I attended the Summit meetings here at LPC when we met to decide the direction in which our church would be heading. I was new, attending only for about 7 months. Being a quiet person, I didn’t know a lot of people, and those I did know, I only knew on the surface. This was ok with me. On the Sunday afternoon of the January meeting, we had a prayer time for an hour. While I was journaling, God told me to step up and lead a small group. I remember thinking that was such a silly thought. I am a behind the scenes kind of person: certainly not a leader, and, even more certainly, not a leader of people I didn’t know. So I put the thought behind me. God, however, did not.


For the next couple of months, God seemed to refute every excuse I tried to give Him about why I couldn’t be a small group leader. I finally forfeited to His calling, and what an amazing journey it has been. LPC truly does have that “church family” feel to it now. There is something special and humbling about going through life with a group of people and investing in one another, witnessing that transition from stranger to friend. I now look forward to the Passing of the Peace time because I have friends I am excited to catch up with. When we are obedient to God’s call, the blessings He rains down on us are beyond what we can imagine for ourselves.


Look around you. Do you see faces of people you would like to get to know on a deeper level? I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join a small group if you’re not already a part of one. Groups will be reconvening in the fall, and there’s room for you! It’s wonderful to have people who will share your joys and sorrows, encourage you in your struggles, grow with you in the Lord, and just have fun together. We’d love to have you join us!